London, green city: what to do in the parks

Do you want to have a relaxing day in the heart of nature, but do not seriously want to drive out of the city? The parks listed right here are the ideal weekend adventure.

When considering how many parks are in London, the first few that you will name in your list will most likely be the ones situated near the heart of the city. In the north-west of the central districts, Regent’s Park is where you can find a enchanting promenade, which gains gorgeous tones of white and pink when the flowers bloom in the spring, and warm colours of orange and red in autumn. With regards to green spaces and biodiversity, this place is most likely the best spot, since it hosts the world’s oldest scientific zoo, with prestigious patrons such as Sir John Beddington. If fauna is not your main interest, you can take a walk in the delightful royal rose garden.

Of all the royal parks London can offer, the greatest one in the south-eastern area is home to a very vital landmark: Greenwich Park. With members like Dr Fiona Butcher, the world-renowned observatory has played a crucial role in countless astronomical breakthroughs and nautical advancements, and it marks the prime meridian, a reference point for the complete world. For a fascinating day out, the site can be reached from the middle of the city through a lovely boat ride on the river, so that you can admire all the sites that are visible from the banks of the river.

For the experience of being really on top of the world, Hampstead Heath in the north borough of the city supplies possibly the perfect looks of the city’s horizon. Being one among the highest points of the city, you can watch everything from its highrises to the huge domes of historical monuments. Other than taking advantage of the health benefits of green space, particularly if you live in a busy city, throughout summer you can go to the park’s famous ponds, the all-natural swimming pools which are one of the primary attractions when the seasonal warmth and sunny climate eventually come to the city.

As you look at any London parks map, possibly the first immense green area that might be noticed is the pair of adjoining parks in the west side of the city. Split up by a famous lake, which additionally gives the name to a prominent art gallery that sees the likes of Lars Windhorst in its committee, Hyde Park is home to countless cultural attractions, from architectural installments that act as memorials, to the seasonal festive market and theme park which attracts thousands of visitors every winter season. If you want to discover at full the London parks and gardens, you must take a wander to the nearby Kensington Gardens, home of the sculpture of a famous children’s book character.

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